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About SpaOki

Haisai, Thankyou for visiting our website.

We aim to be an organic spa that is as natural and nutririous as possible.

We hope you all feel healthy and energietic from the inside out.

We purchase our massage oils from honey farm.

The scent of this oil soothes fatigue and is highly moisturizing.

The money we sepend goes to the farmers, creating a positive cycle.

It's a fresh oil that is also nutritious. 100% organic oil, made in a wonderful enviroment.

If you have any request please feel free to contact us.

I'll do best massage.

I hope everyone has a relaxing time.

About Facial treatment

We using the Vavitte cosmetics made from Japan.

I love basic cosmetics and have used many cosmetics over the years.

Since our customers take the troble to visit our shop,we have selected high quality cosnetics that are highly effective.

Enjoy our facial treatment.

Former 5 Star Caribian Cruise Spa

4 Star Resort hotel Spa therapist

International license

Graduated from Spa school in Tokyo,Okinawa,Bali,England.

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