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Organic Oil Body Massage
(Custom made massage)

60min ¥7,000

90min ¥10,000

120min ¥13,000

Relaxation massage/Deep tissue massage/Sports massage

We use oils from organic tropical plants.

It will make you feel better from the inside.

Focus on each person's physical condition and body with consultation.

It's custom made massage and relaxation massage to detox massage.

It is also effective against muscle/mental stress and insomnia, and regulates the body's Qi, blood, and water.

It also makes your face to feel refreshed.

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Maternity Massage
70min ¥8,000

We will relax the muscles of your entire body while using a comfortable touch so as not to put any strain on your body. Stress, lower back pain, swelling of the legs, etc. caused by changes in hormonal balance will be alleviated.
It's time to pamper mom and baby.
Please be healed from head to toe by the scent of aroma in the aromatic bath.

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Custom Made Bridal Course.
120min ¥15,000

We create a special plan for each individual through counseling and perform customized treatments.
We will create a plan to suit your concerns, such as a sauna to improve swelling, back enzyme pack care, and upper arm massage.
It will be completely custom-made to fulfill any treatment you want.
For those who need it, we provide free advice on how to eat and how to exercise at home.
You can relax and prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

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Sports Massage
60min ¥7,000

Our sports massage is performed over clothes.
Stretching will increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.
It has the effect of suppressing and calming the excitement of muscles and nerves that are in an excited state such as muscle tension or neuralgia.
It is also recommended for those with developed or tight muscles.
It is also possible to combine it with an oil massage.

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Refresh Facial Treatment
60min ¥8,000

✿Sensitive skin,acne,Calmness,Pore care,Brightening


Recomended for first time users and those with sensitive skin.Ultimate relaxation with a melting facial massage, also deco,shoulder,neck massages.

 Enzyme mask that cares for pores by introducing Mineral and Vitamins, as well as a soothing mask that can repair your skin even after sun exposure.

Lock in nutrients with mask.

Relieve stiff shoulders and make your face feel refreshed.


Foot Reflexology 
30min ¥4,000

Certain parts of the feet—also known as reflex points—are thought to correspond to other areas of the body. By stimulating them with reflexology, we are also sending a signal to those inner

organs and glands.

Stimulating the soles of your feet instantly improves blood flow.

It can relieve sensitivity to cold, heavy stomach, and tired legs.

The body is connected, so if your ankles are stiff, your neck will also be stiff. A lower leg massage will also refresh your face and provide a synergistic effect.


Aging Care Bomber Facial
0min ¥10,000

✿Asing care,Wrinkles and lift up,Collagen,Skin activation,Improving skin quality.

60 minutes facial + bomber cream.

Bomber Cream, can provide Well aging care, improve blood flow to the face and promote skin turnover.

It activates your skin and wakes up sleeping cells. It is highly effective!!Try and enjoey facial experience like never before!​

Inc deco,shoulder,neck,head masages.

Also,a lower leg massage will also refresh your face and provide a synergistic effect.

Foot massage option ¥2,000

massage while wearing a mask.

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